When Is the Best Time To Drink Energy Drinks?

Are you an athlete, gym buff, student, or office worker? Regardless of what’s been keeping you busy, you might need some good energy drinks to help power through your day. You may have heard several warnings regarding the potential risks of using energy drinks.

However, drinking moderately, at the right time, and for the right situation are the keys to ensuring safety and enjoying an energy drink’s advantages. Want to know more about the specific instances you’d want to consume an energy drink and how it’s beneficial to you? Check out our article below!


If you love playing sports, good energy drinks come in handy. Both adolescents and athletes have used energy drinks to boost their sports performance. Consuming them in moderation helps promote strength and endurance and enhance brain function.

Research also showed that energy drinks help athletes play with higher intensities. For instance, energy drinks allow basketball players to jump higher and sprinter swimmers to swim faster. Likewise, tennis players could receive more points, while volleyball players achieve higher accuracy and force.

Despite these several benefits, there may be potential side effects. These include nervousness, sleeping problems, and increased blood pressure. Given the risk of caffeine abuse, the recommended dosage for those aged 12 to 18 is less than 100 milligrams of caffeine. It’s also best to consult a doctor, especially if you have a preexisting health condition.    


Is working out part of your daily routine? If so, you might also want to drink some good energy drinks to help ensure a successful and satisfying exercise. Consuming these products 10 minutes to an hour before your exercise may help increase your alertness, endurance, and mental focus.

If you’re not in the mood to exercise but know you need it to stay healthy, then good energy drinks full of B vitamins will help you save the day. Other energy drinks offer zero-calorie choices too. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about weight gain or overconsumption of sugar once you use the drink.

Also, energy drinks help facilitate faster recovery after a workout. As you sweat a lot when working out, you tend to lose water, electrolytes, and energy. Carbohydrate-based energy drinks can help you bring back that energy. The drink has sodium too, thus helping you replenish the lost electrolytes.

Energy Boost for the Office

Whether you’re just tired or sleep deprived, good energy drinks will give you that boost to remain productive at work and fulfill all your tasks. If you’re working on night shifts, a moderate amount of an energy drink will be your best friend.

Some people prefer to have an energy drink mid-morning or around 9:30AM to 11:30AM. Then, to keep their momentum and beat daytime sleepiness at work, they’ll have another energy drink at around 1:30PM to 3:30PM.

While some think the energy boost is mainly caused by the presence of caffeine, others also note that both caffeine and sugar are responsible for such effects. Since energy drinks may help uplift your mood, you’ll then be motivated to communicate with your colleagues and friends better while staying focused on your work. In fact, drinking a specific energy drink helps improve memory and concentration by 24%.

Energy From Strike Force Energy

Whether you play sports, have workout routines, do office work, or just want to stay awake and alert throughout the day, consuming good energy drinks makes a difference. However, as we’ve highlighted above, moderation is key. Choose the right energy drink in the right circumstance to maximize its benefits! Strike Force Energy offers plenty of energy drinks and liquid packets. Come visit our website today!

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