What Does Taurine Do?

Do you ever wonder what’s inside your favorite energy drinks? If you’ve read a few labels, you’ve probably noticed an ingredient called “Taurine,” which appears in quite a few drinks across various brands. Now that you’re probably thinking about taurine in energy drinks, what it does, and how it helps our body, we’re here to shed some light.

What is Taurine?

Taurine in energy drinks is a kind of chemical called an amino sulfonic acid, which naturally occurs in the body. Some of the best resources for these are meat, eggs, and fish. It provides the heart and brain with important functions while supporting nerve growth. Taurine in energy drinks have been used in energy drinks to boost athletic performance, alleviate fatigue, and support many other conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

What is it Used For?

Because taurine is naturally abundant in our bodies, it has been studied for its potential role in managing all kinds of clinical conditions. It’s also known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as its reputation as a producer of energy.

Could Boost Performance in Exercise

Taurine in energy drinks can delay muscle fatigue and enhance muscle contraction which makes it great for athletic performance. It may also increase the burning of fats during exercise to help fuel the body. According to studies, taurine may provide various benefits for the body, including the following:

  • Reduced muscle damage
  • Increased oxygen intake
  • Improved recovery time
  • Improve power and strength

Could Fight Diabetes

Taurine has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, so it may enhance our insulin sensitivity and may reduce our risk for type 2 diabetes. At the least, it can improve blood sugar management in people who have the condition. One study found that those with diabetes have a 25% lower concentration in taurine compared to those without it.

Could Improve Heart Health

There have been reports that taurine supplements can improve heart function and regulate blood pressure and fat levels in those with heart conditions. Taurine in energy drinks may even protect people against heart disease if it is found at high levels. One study revealed that people with heart failure who took 500 mg of taurine three times a day for two weeks had significantly lower levels of cholesterol, C-reactive protein, and triglycerides.

Other Benefits

Drinking taurine in energy drinks also offers many other potential benefits, including:

  • Improved eye health: Its antioxidant effects could help combat stress associated with retinal degenerative diseases.
  • Improved hearing: Taurine may be able to prevent hearing loss by keeping the hair cells within the ear strong.
  • Improved liver health: Taurine may be able to protect the liver from acute and chronic liver injury.
  • May provide neuroprotective effects: Its anti-inflammatory effects could reduce the inflammation within the brain while fighting neurodegenerative conditions.

How Taurine Can Be Used in Energy Drinks

Unfortunately, plants don’t produce a lot of taurine, which means that the main sources for this are found in animal proteins such as meat, dairy, and seafood. As a result, those who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet don’t get much taurine and will have lower levels compared to those who regularly eat animal proteins. The good news is that it’s unlikely to have taurine deficiencies because of our body’s ability to create taurine from the liver.

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