Strike Force Energy: The Mission is Never Done

Veteran-owned and American-made liquid energy drink additive company continues their mission by supporting others and continuing their mission to leave no one behind

PALMETTO, Fla. - Feb. 24, 2017 - PRLog -- Over the past few months, Strike Force Energy has significantly increased their social mission by introducing over five new non-profits & public service organizations.

Sean Matson, Co-Founder, and President said this: "Our commitment to these groups is that we are partners in this. We are here not only to donate 10% of sales generated by these organization, but we are also here ensure their success. To date the organizations that we have partnered with support veterans, police officers & their families, and even fitness."

One of the organizations is Blue Lives Matter with over 1.4 million followers on their Facebook page. Here is what they have to say:  "The money is being put directly into our membership program. Part of the membership program is to include other veteran-owned businesses. We want to give our supporters a way to help provide police officers with a life-saving tool like the RATS Tourniquet with the money raised from their membership dues, and also provide a way to support the veteran community as well by giving them access to exclusive discounts to dozens of veteran and law enforcement owned companies. We are honored to be working with Strike Force Energy in this venture. By teaming with your business, we believe we can do great things for the law enforcement and veteran communities. Join the membership page here. Thank you again for your commitment to law enforcement!"

After several years of military service, the owners of Strike Force Energy knew there was another way to support worthwhile causes. Are you tired of "trash can" energy drinks, and finally ready to enjoy the "Flavor of Freedom" with Strike Force Energy? Enjoy the freedom to add Strike Force to any beverage for an increased alertness without the jitters or crash. Available on or at