Sports Enthusiast Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner, but Black Friday might not have everything you’re looking for. If you have an athlete to shop for, you may be at a loss when thinking of what to get them, since most sports enthusiasts will already have jerseys and collectables from their favorite teams. Here are some more ideas of what you can get the sports fanatic  in your family for the holidays. 

Sports Memorabilia 

If your sports enthusiast doesn’t need, or has most of the sports equipment you planned to shop for, you can always turn towards sports memorabilia as an alternative as well. The average sports enthusiast will most likely have some memorabilia from their favorite sports and teams, but you may be able to find something unique that they don’t already have. 

Sports Cards

Sports cards can be a nice addition to any sports enthusiast’s collection. If you happen to know the favorite team or player of who you are shopping for, keep an eye out for any of those sports cards. Older cards will often have more value and be more coveted by collectors. 


Every sports enthusiast would appreciate an autograph from a favorite player or coach. If you are lucky enough to find any autographs at a reasonable price, you can bet your sports enthusiast would greatly appreciate it. 

Sports Equipment

If you have an athlete in your life that you need to shop for, they may appreciate some sports equipment to use as well. Different sports will require different equipment, so identify your gift recipient’s favorite sports that you should focus on. There are numerous sports and different equipment that comes with each of them, but we will highlight some of the most popular sports here. 


Soccer doesn’t require as much equipment as other sports do. If your sports enthusiast plays soccer, consider shopping for a new soccer ball or shin guards. Both of these things can be relatively inexpensive coming from a sports department store. 


Basketball equipment like a hoop or genuine basketball shoes can be a bit more expensive, so try to look for basketball shorts or even a basketball from a department store as alternatives for your athlete. 


Traditional football equipment like shoulder pads and jerseys can also be costly. Instead look for football gloves or other accessories like durable water bottles for during practice or gametime. 


This American pastime has plenty of different equipment involved, so you may be able to find something for your sports enthusiast here. A simple baseball or mitt can always be a nice addition to any collection. Even a basic ball cap or hat could make a great gift. 

Sports Performance Gifts

Of course, if your sports enthusiast plays a sport, they will definitely appreciate any sports performance items or equipment. Consider some of these suggestions for alternative gifts for an athlete. 

Travel Equipment

If who you are shopping for is on a sports team, they will likely be travelling often to different games, fields, and arenas. A sports duffle bag or backpack will help consolidate their equipment and make it much easier to travel. 

Energy Supplements

Most athletes default to water or generic sports drinks to help fuel them during their games or matches. While these do help fuel your body, there are better alternatives that are more nutritious and provide better energy. Energy packets are a great gift for any athlete. Energy packets can turn just about any drink into an energy drink at your convenience. Give a pack to your sports enthusiast to keep in their sports equipment for a quick, convenient energy drink at any time. 

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