Silver is the New Gold

When developing a product for consumers, one obsesses over every detail. There are thousands of hues of every color to choose from. We stare at nearly all of them. Does the bone frog point this direction? Or does it need to be on there at all? What about this font?

One of the details that Strike Force Energy put extra thought into was our packaging. Frequently, we hear from new customers that they were surprised to find a liquid when they opened our stick pack for the first time. As one can imagine, this creates quite a sticky situation in some cases! Most assume it is a powder. When considering our packaging material, we wanted to ensure that the packaging helped cue the consumer to liquid. We studied the market and found that in general people associate an aluminum look to liquid, ie. canned drinks or Capri Suns. And thus, our silver packaging!

Now, we know… our initial run of coffee comes in a white stick pack and this was a logistic call on our part. If we decide to keep it around longer or really for any future design of SFE, we intend to return to our silver base.