Hey! Where do I use my Discount Code?

So you want to order Strike Force, and you have this nifty discount code.  Maybe someone gave you an Affiliate code that will get you a sweet, sweet discount!

But where, oh where, do you use the Discount Code?

The Discount Code is entered in the Checkout page.  From the Shopping Cart, click the RED CHECK OUT button.

Now, on the CHECK OUT page, you'll need to enter your email address first.  Then, there is a box for "Gift card or discount code".  That is on the right side of the page.  Enter your code, Click APPLY and you should see the discount reflected in your price.

Strike Force Discount Code

NOW, you are good to go.

Something don't look quite right??

If you are using a PHONE browser, or have your browser window shrunk down to a small size, look for a drop down at the top of the screen that says "Show Order Summary".  That will show you the Discount Code box.

Finally, if you are making a Subscription, Look for a drop down that says "Have a Discount Code? Click here to enter it."